Stock up for ughs, achoos, and “mom, I can’t sleep.”

Back-to-school season throws a lot your way: early mornings, runny noses, and extra germy classrooms. With cold remedies, natural sleep aids, and immunity boosters, whatever the school year brings,
we’re here for it.

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The Hyland's Naturals Difference

Real Life. We're here for it.

We crafted our back-to-school essentials to help your family through sick days, solid days, and days when you wonder if you’ll ever sleep eight hours again. (Spoiler alert: you will.)

You may not always know what the next day (or minute) holds, but our commitment to making safe, gentle, effective products that help you keep your family well is one constant you can trust.

Safe & Gentle

Kid Approved Taste

Cruelty Free

Manufactured in the USA

Various products on display.