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What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of complementary medicine based on the idea that if a substance can cause certain symptoms in a healthy person, using a highly diluted form of that same substance might trigger your body to fight off similar symptoms when you’re sick. For more information on homeopathy, please visit

The claims made on homeopathic products are based on this traditional homeopathic practice, not currently accepted modern medical evidence. The products and claims are not FDA evaluated.

Do your products contain any allergens (peanuts, shellfish, gluten, etc.)?

Our product labels include allergen information, or please visit the product page on for product-specific information.

Are Hyland's products and the ingredients made in the USA?

Hyland's products are manufactured in the United States (USA) with ingredients sourced globally.

Do your products have an expiration date?

Products that do not have expiration dating are compliant with the FDA guidelines and you should feel confident in continuing to use them. However, if you notice a change in product appearance, you should replace it.

Can Hyland's products be taken with other medicine?

In general, our products have no known drug interactions. Please consult your healthcare provider to see if particular products are appropriate in your individual case.

What are the side effects of your products?

Our products have a very wide margin of safety, but there is always the possibility of sensitivity or allergy to an ingredient. Please visit product pages on for specific product information.

What is Lactose NF?

Lactose NF is a sugar derived from milk which is free of any milk proteins (whey or casein.) It is an inactive ingredient in Hyland's tablets.

Can I dissolve your tablets in water? What about milk or juice?

Yes, you can dissolve our tablets in water. You should dissolve one dose at a time and take it as indicated on the label. We do not recommend dissolving our tablets in milk or juice.

How long does it take for OTC products to start working?

It depends on the product and your condition. In general, with our OTC products you will experience relief of symptoms within 1-5 days when used as directed.

What is the maximum dose of your products?

Please follow dosing directions on the product label. You can also visit the product page on our website for more specific product information.

Where can I buy Hyland's products?

Hyland's products are available on, at chain drug stores and mass merchandisers nationwide, and local health food stores and pharmacies. Check a specific product page for information where to buy.  

Can I take Hyland's products if I am pregnant or nursing?

The FDA requires that all OTC product manufacturers tell consumers to check with their physician before using any OTC products if they are pregnant or nursing/breastfeeding. No formal studies have been conducted to test the safety of dietary supplements or homeopathic products in pregnant or nursing/breastfeeding women.

My child ingested more than the recommended amount, will they need medical attention?

Our products have a wide margin of safety; however, if you have concerns please contact your healthcare provider or the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. If there's a medical emergency, please call 911.

My package sat outside in the cold/heat for a day. Is it still good?

It should be ok, however if you notice a change in the product’s appearance, you should replace it. Our products should be stored capped at room temperature.

Are homeopathic products regulated or FDA approved?

Yes, homeopathic products are regulated as OTC drugs by the FDA and Hyland's manufacturing facilities are inspected by FDA for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The claims for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice, they are not reviewed by the FDA or FDA approved.

What are the terms of Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & Save customers will save up to 15% off item(s) when signing up for auto-shipments of products.

Hyland’s will send a reminder email 3 days prior to processing the upcoming auto-shipment order. Customers can cancel their subscription at any time using the “Manage Subscriptions” link. Subscriptions must be cancelled, modified, or skipped prior to the order being created, which occurs approximately 2 days prior to shipment.

Subscribe & Save orders of $45 or more will receive free shipping. Orders under $45 will be charged our flat rate shipping fee.